Sculpture Studio

Abracadaver Productions

Ceres Wall Mount

(pictured above White Stone)
12" x 17"

Rigid foam castings. Painted with exterior house paint.


Aged Stone

Big Mosquito
15” long, 6 lb flex foam with wire armature

Ivory Cameos

Choose 1
Choose 1

Bronze with Patina

Big Rotten Rat​
27” long urathane flex foam with wire armature. 6 lbs.

Gold Cameos

Choose 1

Death Cameos​
16”x9” Solid urathane resin
$55 for individual or $100 for set

Price includes shipping USA only

Bronze Cameos

Black Stone

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Big Bat
Waist length about 4' x 4' from head to waist

Flat back with embedded hook for easy hanging!