Experienced in : 

  • Contact Sculpting - green foam and clay
  • Mold-Making - Plaster, Silicone, Fiberglass
  • Figure and Prop Painting
  • Thermal Vaccu-forming


1997-Alien Resurrection.  Set FX
1989-Earth Girls Are Easy.  Make-up props
1989-Exorcist III.  Props
1989-Master of the Universe. Set sculptures.
1987-PumpkinHead.  Make-up FX.
1986-Invaders From Mars.  Set sculptures.
1985-Friday the 13th Part V. Make-up FX
1984-Crimes of Passion.  Make-up FX.
1984-Friday the 13th Part IV. Make-up FX.
1984-Ice Pirates. Make-up FX.
1983-Cujo. Dog FX.
1983-Metal Storm.  FX props.
1982-Jaws 3.  FX props.
1982-Friday the 13th Part III.  FX props.
1981-Saturday the 14th.  FX props.
1981-Galaxy of Terror.  Make-up FX.

Walt Disney Imagineering

From 1990 to 2000, I was an outside contractor at WDI at the Tujunga facility. Following are some of the main pieces I was contracted to sculpt.
• Star Limo, California.  3D sculptures
• 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Japan.  About 30 sculptured rock and stone walls.
• Journey to the Center of the Earth, Japan.  Sculptures of Large mushrooms and large flower with tentacles.
• Sinbad, Japan.  25’ whale
• Indiana Jones Adventure, Japan. Mummies and skulls.  Sculptures or skull idol, snake pedestal, snake and architectural decorations.
• Toon Town, Japan.  Assorted props
• Indiana Jones Adventure, California.  Sculptures of snake entrance doors; snake pillars; tall snake door (Indy in front); snakes on either side of the bridge; attacking snake. Mummies and skulls
• Toon Town, California.  Sculptures of interior of Minnie’s House. Town Clock; Firehouse bell; fallen safe; 80% of street lights
• Splash Mountain, Florida.  Sculptures of briar patch; Brer Rabbit’s house; assorted briar branches
• Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, Florida.  Sculptures of dog nose; film slide; spider cocoon; garden hose nozzle.

Mummies on the Disney’s© Indiana Jones Adventure ride

Abracadaver Productions

6ft for another sculpture

Life-sized dwarf body sculpture

6ft Sabertooth sculpture for another artist

Friday the 13th Part IV

Spider cocoon in Disney’s © Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.

Briar Patch at the base of Disney’s © Splash Mountain rides.



Jaws 3

Custom costume for Ray Mysterio Jr

Disney’s © Twilight Zone Tower of Terror hotel sign.

Disney’s© Teacup Lanterns

35+ ft snake sculptures for Disney’s © Indiana Jones Adventure ride.

Set Sculpture for Alien Resurrection

Sculpture Studio

Giant hose in Disney’s © Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.

Kodak film slide Disney’s © Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.